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Human trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerable people for their bodies & for labor.


Human Trafficking 

The illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and for their labor.

It's modern-day slavery. 

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What is done.

Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons both male or female, children, adults, and elderly.

How it is done. 

Threat or force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power, payments to person in control of the victim.

Why it is done. 

Exploitation, which includes sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or similar practices, and the removal of organs.

$150 billion in human
trafficking yearly. 
Human Trafficking is the third largest international crime industry behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking. 
Globally, the International Labour Organization estimates there are more than 40 million people exploited in human trafficking.
Nearly 50% are children. 

Human trafficking is hidden, fast-growing, & complex– generating billions each year through the exploitation of millions of people.

600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year.  

Here in the United States, we are not immune to the effects of this horrendous form of criminal abuse. The National Human Trafficking Hotline has received more than 49,000 reports of human trafficking cases in the past 10 years.

Virginia ranks 15th in the
nation for the amount of reported trafficking cases. 
What is the most commonly identified form of Human Trafficking? 

In UNODC’s Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, sexual exploitation was noted as by far the most commonly identified form of human trafficking.


By and large, the exploitation of women tends to be visible, in city centers or along highways. Because it is more frequently reported, sexual exploitation has become the most documented type of trafficking, in aggregate statistics. In comparison, other forms of exploitation are under-reported: forced or bonded labour; domestic servitude and forced marriage; organ removal; and the exploitation of children in begging, the sex trade and warfare.

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Their Stories



Jenny was only 15 when she met her trafficker. She was using social media when a cute older guy contacted her and showed interest. He asked her to have sex with a man for money.



Mary was trafficked for sex for many years. Until one day, she bravely escaped. Today she is free and testifying in court against her traffickers.



Brittany traveled with her trafficker to different cities and states to stay off the police radar. He made me feel special.

I never wanted to leave him,” Brittany said. “I was in love with him. I thought I was going to be with him for the rest of my life.”